Annual Trade-Up Event

Annual Trade-Up Event

January – March

This year, don’t forget about the sounds.

Like the march of time, hearing technology is forever evolving. Stay ahead of your hearing health care needs with the latest and greatest devices that can hold a charge longer, quiet a noisy environment smoother and connect your brain to the world better.

  • Trade-in value off of a new pair of hearing devices*
  • FREE private consultation of the latest hearing technology
  • After purchase, enjoy a 30-day trial period
  • Access to groundbreaking Oticon Opn S™ technology.

Appointments are limited. Reserve your spot today. Call to make an appointment with our expert and compassionate audiologist, versed in solving your custom hearing needs, at (979) 299-1520.

Paying It Forward

All hearing aids in good condition will be donated to

*Offer valid when you schedule an appointment before March 31, 2020.