Custom Earmolds

Custom Earmolds

Earmolds and fittings are an essential service for the health of the ear. Although we primarily provide custom molds to fit hearing aids, we also do fittings for sound plugs, earpieces, earbuds and swimmer’s plugs.

Hearing aids come in shapes and sizes as unique as people’s ears. We offer a variety of earmold styles including canal (or dome) earmolds, which are made to fit inconspicuously in the ear canal; full-shell earmolds, which are built to prevent feedback and falling out; half-shell earmolds, which only cover the bottom half of the concha bowl; skeleton earmolds, designed for comfort; and semi-skeleton earmolds, similar to skeleton but without the back ring. Each of these styles is custom molded to the patient’s ear for comfort and effectiveness.

We also create custom earmolds to help protect the ears from hearing loss. People who have jobs in noisy locations, such as airports or construction sites, benefit from custom-fit sound plugs to prevent damage caused by noise exposure. Swimmers need earplugs to prevent water blockage, which can cause temporary hearing loss. There are certain earplugs for hunters that protect the ears from the loudness of gunfire while allowing safe sounds to be heard naturally. Musician plugs maintain the integrity of the music playing while reducing sounds to safe levels.

Others who may be at less risk for occupational hearing loss can still benefit from having custom-molded ear equipment. For example, doctors may have custom molded stethoscopes and office workers may benefit from custom earpieces for their phones. The purpose of these custom fittings is to provide comfort for the patient.

Our goal is to care for our patients’ whole hearing health. Please contact us to learn more about earmolds and hearing protection.