Now Offering Virtual Telehealth Appointments

Lake Jackson ENT is excited to provide our patients with convenient, at home care through our new Telehealth services. You can now meet with your provider while staying in the comfort and safety of your home. For more information on how to schedule and attend an appointment, watch the helpful videos below.

The following appointment types/complaints are appropriate for telehealth services:

  • Tubes and Tonsillectomy consultations
  • CPAP/Sleep Apnea
  • Test results: pathology, labs
  • Thyroid evaluations, Rx refills and annual check-ups (pending recent test results)
  • Post Sinus Surgery (not needing debridement)
  • CT results
  • Post Op Tubes and/or Tonsillectomy
  • Post Op excisions (not needing suture removal)

Benefits of Telehealth Appointments

  • Minimize risk of exposure by visiting your doctor virtually
  • Gain peace of mind with the opportunity to express concerns about your symptoms
  • Receive medical advice from your doctor from the comfort of your home
  • Get notified when your doctor is available – no extended wait times
  • Have prescriptions ordered or renewed without an office visit
  • Use your iPhone (iOS 12 and above) or Android device (v. 7.0 and above) to virtually “attend” your appointment

Optimize Your Visit

  • If you have an email address, you will be sent an invitation to our Patient Portal when you schedule your appointment. Be sure to log in and complete all applicable information.
  • Be sure to call the office if you are having issues with the Telehealth technology, preferably the day before your scheduled appointment.
  • During your appointment, make sure you are in a quiet, well-lit place.
  • Do NOT answer any other phone calls or text messages during your appointment.
  • Please treat this just as you would an “in-person” visit.
  • Your provider will be logged in and wait no more than 10 minutes for you to connect. If you fail to connect, you will be considered a no-show to your appointment and the office policy of charging $35 will apply.
  • Please understand that Telehealth is a constantly evolving service and by offering our patients these services, we do not guarantee that your insurance will cover these services. There is also the possibility that your condition may need an “in-person” appointment.

Telehealth for patient Portal

Pocket Patient for iPhone

Pocket Patient for Android

For additional information, click the links below to download helpful Telehealth guides.

If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may need to download this to view the guides.

Telehealth video visit through Pocket Patient

Telehealth video visit through Patient Portal

Telehealth Patient Instructional Videos